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Key Insights from the European Union Elections

The European Parliament shifted to the right after a recent election, increasing eurosceptic nationalists and reducing mainstream liberals and Greens. This shift could impact key areas like climate policy, defence projects, trade agreements, and EU expansion plans. The next Parliament might influence the selection of the European Commission President and shape significant reforms and international relations.
The European Parliament shifted to the right after a recent four-day election, with increased representation of eurosceptic nationalists and fewer mainstream liberals and Greens.

The Parliament plays a crucial role in reviewing and approving new legislation and must agree with EU governments before regulations can be enforced.

The selection of the next President of the European Commission, likely Ursula von der Leyen for a second term, and their 26 commissioners also depends on the Parliament's approval.

On climate policy, the next five years are essential for meeting Europe's 2030 climate targets.

The new Parliament might weaken existing laws by adding loopholes, particularly those concerning the sale of new combustion engine cars by 2035.

Defence and foreign policy mainly belong to individual EU countries but the Parliament will influence pan-European defence projects and the EU's long-term budget.

Regarding trade, the European Parliament's key role is in approving free trade agreements, with deals pending with Mexico, the Mercosur bloc, and Australia facing heightened opposition.

Relations with China and the U.S. also demand a united EU stance to remain competitive industrially, a vision challenged by nationalist right-wing parties.

Finally, the EU's internal agricultural policy and support systems need reform before admitting new members like Ukraine and Moldova, a process that could be influenced by the strengthened voice of the far-right.

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