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Budapest, Europe and world news teams up with universities for student housing teams up with universities for student housing

Students of Budapest Corvinus University (BCE) and Eötvös Lóránd University (ELTE) can choose from the most affordable and suitable apartments in the rental market of nearly 19,000 residential properties, thanks to the cooperation between the two institutions and, according to a release on the real estate website.
The higher education institutions are now announcing how many dormitory places they can offer, and those who do not end up receiving such an opportunity can typically enter the sublet market as tenants.

László Balogh, senior economic expert at, said that due to rising rents in recent years, the situation of students looking for housing solutions in university cities was not easy.

The rent index of reached its peak in January 2020, when the national average rents were 45% higher than the 2015 rent level.

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