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Here are the rules to purchase pyrotechnical products in Hungary

Here are the rules to purchase pyrotechnical products in Hungary

The Hungarian police informed the general public on their Facebook page about the rules. One of the most important pieces of information is that firecrackers are strictly prohibited. If someone buys and uses one, they may be fined HUF 150,000 (EUR 406).
According to the post, there are four categories of pyrotechnical products. The rules and regulations regarding these products get more rigorous as the category’s number rises.

The first category, group 1 consists of products with very low risk and negligible noise levels that can be used indoors. An example of these can be birthday candles on a cake. Products in group 1 can be purchased and used by anyone over the age of 14 without permission throughout the entire year.

Those pyrotechnical products that are in group 2 can only be used outdoors. They can be bought by anyone over the age of 16 all year round, but younger people can only use them with the supervision of an adult.

“The items in group 3 are the most relevant, since these are used on New Year’s Eve. “They are of medium risk and can only be used outdoors in a large open area, their noise levels are not harmful to human health.”- the Police wrote in the post. Adults can purchase them between 28 and 31 December. The products can be used from 6 p.m. 31 December until 6 a.m. 1 January. Unused products have to be taken back by 5 January, until midnight.”

Group 4 consists of items with a higher risk, and these can be only purchased by pyrotechnicians; however, even they need permission to buy them. The police also gave indications of how these products should be kept safely.

The products should not be stored around other flammable substances such as fuel. Pyrotechnical products should not be stored in the attic and the basement. If the items get wet and they later dry, or their cover gets damaged, they should be kept separately from the other items.

“There are strict rules on how many items can be purchased. This means that the total weight of all the products classified in group 3 can reach 3 kilograms at the most. Those in group 1 or 2 cannot surpass 1 kilogram.”

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