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Virus Balkanicus-Fascist Chauvinism: This Is The End, My Only Friend – Essay

Virus Balkanicus-Fascist Chauvinism: This Is The End, My Only Friend – Essay

When I mentioned, back in 2016, in one of my essays within Eurasia Review, that the EU should be careful and closely watch the populistic issues which were starting at Poland and Hungary, nobody took me seriously.
Namely, I was warning the public that History est not magistra vitae, as the old Latin proverb saying: “History est magistra vitae”, because the scenario of the Socialist Federal Republic Yugoslavia dissolution was being repeated as a nightmare for the European Union: All that has happened to Yugoslavia back in 1990s is repeating, as a boomerang (because EU supports fascistic chauvinists on power even today, since the finishing of the war(s) on Balkans, back in the 1990s.

For what reason? Simply egoistical and clientelist reasons. Just to stop the Balkan tribes from fighting and everything is OK, while their tribe chiefs, regardless of the nation they belong to, can continue with the robbery of the nation(s) wealth. Simple as it is. I wrote a lot about that within the last 8 (since 2013) years here.

So, while they were “feeding the beast”, they have forgotten that one old saying, expressed by Dale Carnegie: “Life is truly a boomerang. What you give, you get.” Yes, raise of the fascistic chauvinists in Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, supported especially by the Serbian president and also by the member of Bosnian and Herzegovina presidency, Milorad Dodik just shows that “s*** hit the fence”. This is not a joke any more and that is why I am so rude saying this.

Again, why? Because, I survived one war and do not want anybody to have to do it again. Ever. Everything looks like that we are facing with new bloody endings by the support of the West, although, within its heart of hopes – European Union.

Democracy is not, like the above mentioned country leaders were doing at Demographic summit in Budapest, Hungary just a couple a days ago, that “I” can say whatever I want, without any kind of the responsibility and especially if it comes from the people who are populistic, mafia connected and chauvinists as they are. Democracy means: “Rights = responsibility; Responsibility = Empathy and Empathy = Equality”. When those barbarians a couple a days ago in Budapest said that Europe need a Europe of Nations that means nothing else then returning back in the time when Nazi’s wanted to establish one and only nation in the World – an Aryan one.

Why, again and again? Nation leaders, to survive, need an enemy and that are always – guess what? – other nation(s). So, when they establish an Europe of Nations, they will start to create ghettos of the nation(s) and feed them with the best national nutrition for the nation: hate. Believe me, the states that came out after the dissolution of Yugoslavia is the “master of the blaster” for that where illiterate (in every kind possible way, especially media illiterate ones) people will always blame other and different one(s) for the problems created by the side of their leaders, above all.

So, what we can do? Nothing, I am afraid, because 30 years ago, back in 1990 I wrote a sentence, after the first “democratic” elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina: ”Dear gentleman, former comrades, I do not thing that anything will change.” Today, in 2021, I can say just the adding: “This is the end my only friend”, with a hope that 30 years from now somebody will take me seriously, finally.

I will not be on the Earth, but the goal is to establish society of responsibility for the good of democracy, whatever it means. O tempora, o mores!

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