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Trump released this video after the FBI raided his Mar-a-Lago home

Although it is factually difficult to argue with most of the facts he lists, it is very disturbing that this text comes from the mouth of the former and possibly the future president.
In our opinion, even when the situation is so problematic, the role of a leader is to encourage, strengthen, develop hope and energize the entire nation to turn the current failure into a lesson from which everyone learns how to get back on their feet, restore and rebuild.

It doesn't really matter who is to blame for the series of failures that have degraded the United States to its current state. What is important is how to join forces and rebuild better, together. Because Americans do not have another country and therefore it is important to focus on rebuilding and not on everything that is so wrong.

General Butler 50 days ago
During the plandemic the real power that controls the world showed its hand. And they are overplaying it. I don't know if Trump is one of their controlled opposition role players, or not, but at least he recognizes and admits that things have gone horribly wrong. That's the first step in fixing ANY problem.
IDontKnowYourName 50 days ago
You may not agree with my opinion and it’s ok.
But don’t you feel that something is wrong with the fanatic believe that I should not express my opinion only because your opinion is different?

This is what I think. And I fully respect others who think otherwise.
I do not think that my words tearing down a great president, or a great ex president or anybody.
youknowmyname 50 days ago
The 'opinion' of the liberal editors is not requested nor required. You admit that he speaks the truth. How about your report THE TRUTH, rather than trying to tear down a great president.


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