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Thunberg says she wants be more in background of climate campaigns

Thunberg says she wants be more in background of climate campaigns

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg wants to work more in the background for climate protection in the future.
"I will still do a lot, but I will no longer be so visible in the media," Thunberg told the German magazine Brigitte Be Green.

"It is time to pass the microphone," she said, adding that the people most affected by the climate emergency should be listened to more, dpa reports.

In the debate on nuclear power, Thunberg reiterated her belief that nuclear power plants were preferable to coal.

"My personal opinion - and I'm not speaking for Fridays For Future here - is that it's a mistake to stop them when coal is the alternative," the 19-year-old said.

el padre del monasterio 36 days ago
"Other conspiracy theories hold that HAARP controls people's minds or is capable of altering the very fabric of reality." -- Yep, the END TIME is here...
Rebel with a cause 37 days ago
Of course she wants to stay "in the background". Everyone sees what a shill she is. "How dare she pump us with BS propaganda". Her time is over and they'll find another person to replace her. Question is will people believe it or do they're research? There's no climate catastrophe except all the damage done with chem trails and HAARP, all man made.
John Tripucka 38 days ago
Very well then.


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