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The biggest booms of 2022 in Hungary - an event calendar

The biggest booms of 2022 in Hungary - an event calendar

Check out our event calendar for 2022! It is guaranteed that you will find something that awakens your interest.

We cannot let you step into 2022 without giving you a list of programmes for the year. Here it is! Browse this event calendar and it is guaranteed that you will find something that awakens your interest.

Whether you want to have a calmer spring and a busy summer, or vise versa, fear not. Here you will find a variety of programmes for next year. Mark your calendars, 2022 promises to be a busy one. You can see the events in chronological order.

1. Made in Pécs Festival – January 8

If you want to start the year with a festival, Pécs is waiting for you at the beginning of January! For the 7th time, a great list of bands and artists from Pécs will be there on the 8th to entertain visitors. The concept of the festival is the same as the past 6 occasions. The festival starts at 10 am and takes place in seven clubs of the city (Pécsi Est, Made In Pécs Café, Trafik, Nappali, Szabadkikötő, Ti-Ti-Tá and Sárkány Barlang), with around 100 bands playing until late in the evening.

2. Mohácsi Busójárás – February 24 –⁠ March 1

Búsó-walking is an annual celebration of the Šokci (a Slavic ethnic group) living in the town of Mohács, Hungary, held at the end of the Carnival (farsang) season. During the celebration, Busós are wearing traditional masks and are parading and dancing to folk music. Busójárás lasts for six days in Mohács, starting on a Thursday in February, and ends with the Burial of Farsang (Farsangtemetés) the next Thursday. There will be countless programs, also suited for families, so don’t miss out on visiting Mohács in two months!

3. Bartók Tavasz 2022 Budapest – April 1⁠ – ⁠17

Those keen on classical music and its adaptation into modern arts, this festival is for you. As the official description of the event says,

On the 140th anniversary of the birth of the world-famous Hungarian composer Béla Bartók, Bartók Spring International Art Weeks was launched in spring 2021, a unique series of all-arts events.

Every year, the festival programme offers an insight into Bartók’s impressive oeuvre. However, it does not exclusively present the compositions of the world-famous composer. Rather, it aims to showcase Bartók’s spirit, creativity and creative approach in a wide range of genres, from contemporary classical music to world music, jazz, dance, visual arts and popular music, through the works of the best of the Hungarian and international art scene.

4. Deja Vu Festival 2022 Szeged – June 3 – ⁠5

Szeged is ready to start the summer for you. Get back in the time machine and party with the foreign stars of the ’90s and ’00s! 2022’s line-up is the following: Coolio, La Bouche, Alexandra Stan, Kate Ryan and more. Get your tickets here! Early-bird tickets are sold out, but you have the opportunity to purchase an Xmas Special Season ticket for a reduced price. If you only decide to go after it’s well past Christmas, worry not, you can buy ticket on the spot as well.

5. VOLT Festival Sopron – June 21 – 25

One of Hungary’s biggest ⁠festivals is on again this year! In 2021, it was cancelled due to the pandemic situation. But this year, Sopron opens its gates again. So far, the confirmed line-up is Muse, Bring Me The Horizon, Sum 41, Yungblud, Skillet, Passenger, Scarlxrd, Borgore, Virtual Riot, FuntCase, and the list is constantly expanding! Grab your tickets and passes here!

6. Balaton Sound Festival 2022 – June 29 – July 2

Just a couple of days after we leave Sopron, we are going down to the Hungarian sea, Lake Balaton! Nothing like a great time where a beach is an arm’s length from the festival camp. Tickets are to be available shortly on the official Balaton Sound website.

7. Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix 2022 – July 29 – 31

If you are an F1 fan, you don’t want to miss out on the Hungarian Grand Prix of the 2022 Formula One World Championship! The races will be held at Hungaroring between 29 and 31 July. Get your tickets here!

8. SZIGET Festival Budapest – August 10 – 15

SZIGET is one of Europe’s biggest popular music and cultural event, held every August in Budapest on Óbuda Island. Just like VOLT, SZIGET was also cancelled last year due to the pandemic, but festival lovers won’t have to go another year without this huge musical event. We can say that SZIGET Festival’s line-up rivals that of VOLT: you can meet Dua Lipa, Arctic Monkeys, and Alan Walker, among others. Check the whole list of artists here!


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