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Spain Now Also Has a Karikó Mural

Spain Now Also Has a Karikó Mural

The Technical University of Valencia in Spain now has a mural of Hungarian mRNA pioneer, Katalain Karikó. It was painted by the Valencian artist, Diana Bama.
Following the Budapest mural of Karikó, people now can “see” her in Spain as well at the Technical University of Valencia. The university shared information about the new art on their website and posted it on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Artist Diana Bama said she wanted to “capture those years in which no one cared about Karikó’s ideas,” not only her current success. This is why Karikó is holding a test tube in the mural, like she most likely did many times in the laboratory during her years of research.

Biochemist Katalin Karikó is responsible for creating the groundbreaking technology that became the basis of all available mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines. Through her achievement, she provided a major contribution in saving the lives of millions and slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

Bama said this is “also a metaphor for the importance of transferring knowledge to the next generations, in tune with the educational environment in which the mural is located.” The painter also felt it was important for more female scientists to have more opportunities so they can be role models for young girls.

Karikó reacted happily to the mural in a tweet:

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