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New utility bills to comply with new rules arrive for the first time in Hungary

New utility bills to comply with new rules arrive for the first time in Hungary

Residential customers of the MVM group will receive bills in accordance with the new rules from 1 August after 23 August, MVM Next Energiakereskedelmi Zrt. told MTI on Monday.
According to the government’s decision, Hungarian customers can only buy electricity and natural gas at reduced prices up to a certain amount.

It was detailed that following the changes on 1 August 2022, the first bills for residential customers and large families not living in a condominium will be sent after 23 August for consumption in July-August. From September, condominiums and large families living in condominiums can expect to receive their bills for two billing periods (July-August and August-September).

It should be noted that the first bill may include consumption before 1 August, billed at the reduced rate applicable before 1 August.

MVM Next Energiakereskedelmi Zrt. pointed out in a statement that this is the first time that a bill may include the residential market price in the case of above-average consumption. If the consumption remains below the reduced, discounted band limit, typically only the reduced, discounted price will be included in the bill. If the consumption exceeds the reduced band, the monthly bill will include both the reduced and the residential market price.

The so-called “rezsibox” on the first page of the bill has also changed. It will show how much the customer would pay without the reduction, calculated at the world market price, and the savings for the period currently accounted for, i.e. the difference between the amount calculated at the world market price and the amount actually payable at the reduced price,” the statement said.

Important information is that the customer will pay for the energy actually used after the annual meter reading, regardless of whether they have paid a monthly dictated or monthly flat rate until the annual settlement. Due to the pro-rata calculation, any unused discounted quantity in the billing period will not be lost but will be taken into account by the supplier in the next billing, MVM Next Energiakereskedelmi Zrt.

The customer can decide to change the billing method at any time. If you want to balance your monthly costs in winter and summer, and thus make your expenses more predictable, you can opt for flat-rate, even billing.

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