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Milton Friedman Uni presents 1st certified e-diplomas in Hungary

Milton Friedman Uni presents 1st certified e-diplomas in Hungary

After two years of development and more than six months of successful test operation, Hungary's first certified e-diploma system has been officially launched by Milton Friedman University, and any domestic or international higher education institution can join it in the future, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.
The e-diplomas were awarded to 10 graduating students at the university, with others to follow.

According to the press release, the system is extremely fast, convenient, environmentally friendly, authenticated, anonymous, secure, blockchain-based, and completely free of charge for Milton Friedman University students.

The university launched the first Hungarian e-diplomas as part of its efforts to digitize the entire university operation.

While the new technology cannot yet replace paper diplomas completely, it will soon be a standard requirement for the labor market to be able to check graduates' diplomas with a few clicks, and students will be free to decide who they want to give access to their uploaded diplomas, the university argues.

László Bakonyi, the university's director of education, stressed, "The 20th academic year at Milton has begun, with the current first-year class nearly double the size of the previous year. This shows that our innovative student services are now attracting students and providing a competitive advantage. This academic year was a milestone for our institution and for higher education in Hungary, as 10 of our students received Hungary's first e-diplomas."

The e-diploma system was developed by Dlabs Kft., a wholly Hungarian-owned company. The company created a complex blockchain-based system for the authentication and digitization of any type of official document.

Attila Vidákovics, managing director of Dlabs Kft., said, "Our e-diploma system was built on Hungarian knowledge, creativity and development capacity, so we can talk about a real domestic innovation that can become successful even in international markets. If only because certified e-diplomas are being issued in Singapore, the United States and in several French-affiliated higher education institutions, the trend clearly shows the spread of online systems."

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