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Global Warning Alarms Activated As Third World War Could Erupt In Three Regions

Global tensions have mounted with experts warning that three regions could become flashpoints for a third world war. The first hotspot with the potential to trigger wider conflicts is Taiwan. In the event of a Chinese attack, Taiwan would be under the protection of the United States, leading to an immediate escalation of the Chinese-American standoff. According to an NKE professor, while tensions between the two superpowers may increase, China does not consider the situation ripe for an open conflict. It's likely they will wait, particularly to see the outcome of the US presidential elections in November.
"Despite China having a strong military at present, American military spending accounts for two-thirds of the world’s defense expenditures, speaking volumes about their force," added Mária Bordás.

Why Doesn't Europe Have Its Own Army?

The second potential hotspot is the war that has been ongoing for two years, waged by Russia against Ukraine. Bordás expressed skepticism that the European Union could successfully adopt a proposal endorsed by all member states to create a standalone European defense force. She noted that the decades of peace made European countries complacent, and they woke up too late when the Russian invasion made them realize they would be incapable of providing substantive assistance to Ukraine without NATO and its leading force, the USA.

The professor considered it improbable that the United States would withdraw from NATO and thus abandon Europe.

Why Isn't American Democracy Export Working?

Finally, we analyzed the currently most volatile region, the Middle East. We discussed why the American initiative over the past 25 years to implement Western democratic norms in Iraq and Afghanistan failed.

We also explored why there is such profound hatred towards the West in some Arab countries, why they feel deceived, and why they believe that what the West offers is almost entirely at odds with Islam.

Situation at the Red Sea Changes Daily

According to the expert, the West aims to stop the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen from permanently destroying commercial shipping in the southern Red Sea. To this end, Western forces have united under American leadership. Recent airstrikes aimed to destroy or cripple the Houthis’ military capabilities that could target cargo ships, focusing primarily on their missile systems.

We also tackled the question of whether American presence is always necessary to maintain order in the Middle East. We concluded that the current Red Sea crisis clearly required Anglo-American air intervention, although it is evident that the coalition does not intend to go further, meaning that ground military actions are not expected.

Lastly, we discussed whether the current geopolitical situation could slide into a global wartime scenario. The professor's opinion on this can be discovered by listening to the broadcast.

Additionally, The Program Covered:

* Why radical Islam emerged in the 20th century.
* Why Muslims are so offended that the West left behind a severe modernization crisis in the region over the past decades.
* Why residents of wealthy Arab countries accept prosperity at the cost of limited freedom.
* Why Iran is now so fervently championing the cause of the Palestinians.
* How the Houthi rebels came into the picture in the current Middle East crisis.
* We also show where the Shiite crescent lies in the Middle East.

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