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Pfizer: The price of the corona vaccines will quadruple - up to 130 dollars per dose

The pharmaceutical manufacturer Pfizer plans to increase the price of the corona vaccines fourfold to around $110-130 per dose, after its current sales contract with the American government ends next year - according to Angela Lukin, a senior company official.
Lukin said that she believes the vaccine, which is currently offered by the government for free to citizens, will continue to be free for people with private health insurance or government-sponsored insurance.

An estimate on Wall Street is that the vaccine manufacturers will demand to raise prices due to the low demand and so that they can still meet the revenue forecasts for 2023.

Rebel with a cause 41 days ago
"Low Demand?" You think after thousands of deaths and injuries from the "clot shot" people are starting to wake up? Too bad they didn't do their research before hand. There was lots of info out there but those traumatized by the media calling any truth "disinformation", they are paying the price. Stupid is as stupid does. Now they're pushing it to kids. When will these atrocities stop? Panama bought into this BS. I hope they have gotten smarter since all the data has been released, or are they so under the thumb of the Chinese that they are blind to the facts?


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