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CTP starts deployment of PV plants in Biatorbágy, Üllő

CTP starts deployment of PV plants in Biatorbágy, Üllő

CTP has started the construction of solar power plants across its entire portfolio, with the first phase of six buildings to be installed in Biatorbágy and Üllő, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.
The plants, each with a capacity of 500 kW, are scheduled to start operations in the first quarter of 2022, aiming to meet tenants' green energy needs while reducing energy costs. The project will be carried out by local contractors and will be developed by CTP as its own investment, entirely from its own resources.

With a fully BREEAM-certified portfolio, the company has previously set a goal of owning one square meter of forest for every square meter of building, restoring and protecting the natural biodiversity of forests, and installing solar panels across its entire portfolio. With this in mind, CTP has started the construction of six solar power plants for its buildings, each covering an area of 4,000-5,000 sqm and capable of generating 500 kW.

"Sustainable development and operation are a top priority for CTP. We have hundreds of thousands of square meters of free roof space in our local portfolio, so it was clear to us that we wanted to use this space for solar power plants. This is our first investment of this kind, and our aim is to use the roof space of all our buildings for solar panels and to own sufficient forested land at group level to achieve our goal. Green thinking is important for our tenants as well, who are increasingly demanding sustainable solutions that are in line with our company's strategic goals," said Dávid Huszlicska, country manager of CTP Hungary.

The deployment of the power plants in CTPark Budapest West (Biatorbágy) and CTPark Budapest East (Üllő) has already started, the test operations in some buildings can start at the end of 2021 and the full handover can be expected in the first quarter of 2022. CTP's goal is to have similar solar power plants in all countries; in the Czech Republic, for example, the area covered by solar plants is nearly a million sqm, and CTP is aiming for a similar number in Hungary.

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