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Check out this mesmerising new building in the heart of Budapest-Photos

Check out this mesmerising new building in the heart of Budapest-Photos

The House of Hungarian Music has finally been finished, and it looks incredible. On 22 January, on the Day of Hungarian Culture, it will open with an interactive music history exhibition and music programmes, stated MTI.

The design of Japanese star architect Sou Fujimoto was chosen from 168 entries in an open competition back in 2014.

The design

The Deputy Chief Technical Officer of Városliget Zrt., Attila Sághi, said:

“When they announced Sou Fujimoto’s designs as the winner of the international competition, many doubted that such a building was possible to be built in Hungary.”

As Sághi implied, it truly was a difficult task: in the lobby alone, there are at least thirty technical solutions that are unprecedented in the region. In spite of it being a demanding challenge, the builders carried it out perfectly.

As Portfolio reported, András Batta (Managing Director of the House of Hungarian Music) said that.

“In parallel with the completion of the building, the construction of the permanent exhibition is ongoing. When it opens at the end of January next year, the project will showcase the turning points in European, and in particular in Hungarian, music history.”

The exhibition called “Sound Dimensions – Musical Journeys in Space and Time” covers 1,000 square metres.

Role and formation

Batta also shared that the House of Hungarian Music will play a multifunctional role. It will provide a home for concerts and community music-making, with an emphasis on music education.

“There will also be interactive permanent and temporary exhibitions, a sound dome, and a creative sound space,”

he added.

Apart from the exhibition, another big attraction is the sound dome. It is a dome-shaped space with a screen stretched around it. In addition to the spectacle, more than 30 loudspeakers provide the sounds around us: a wide range of sound effects, from nature sounds to composed music.

House of Hungarian Music
House of Hungarian Music

The sound dome will also be a space for educational activities, musical experiments, and art projects.

The House of Hungarian Music was built as part of the Liget Budapest project, next to the City Park lake near Vajdahunyad Castle. The cost of the building is also astonishing: it cost 18.5 billion forints (almost 41 million euros).


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