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Budapest among the TOP10 most cultured spots in Europe

Budapest among the TOP10 most cultured spots in Europe

Home to cultural keystones like the Budapest History Museum, The Globe and The Louvre, Europe has always been renowned for its deep artistic roots. But with an abundance of attractions and limited time, culture lovers will inevitably have to make some tough choices when deciding which locations to prioritise.

Interested in this, created an index based on the total number of theatres, museums, landmarks and cultural tours across each city in Europe to calculate a cultural score. The study then considered additional factors such as reviews and population size, to determine the most cultural cities in Europe.

The Most Cultural Cities in Europe

With a cultural score of 9.85 out of a possible 10, Prague is the most cultured city in Europe, can reveal. Home to cultural landmarks like Prague Castle, The Golden City has 14.46 landmarks for every 100,000 residents, the most monuments of any city in Europe, and 129% more than Vienna’s 6.29 per 100,000.

"Prague also benefits from having the most theatres (1.89 per 100,000), 28.6% more than the number of theatres in London (1.47 per 100,000), and enough to crown the Czechian city as Europe’s cultural cornerstone.

Most Cultured Spots in Europe

With cultural hotspots such as the Rijkmuseum, Amsterdam (9.81/10) has the most museums per 100,000 people in Europe (7.66) and is the second most cultured city in the continent. The city has 4.8% more museums per 100,000 residents than Prague (7.31), and 142.4% more than Brussels (3.16 per 100,000).

"The Netherlands’ capital also consistently places highly for every factor, coming second for cultural tours (3.39 per 100,000), and third for theatres (1.16 per 100,000) and landmarks (9.31 per 100,000).

Dublin is the third most cultural city in Europe, with a score of 9.48/10. With 2.17 cultural tours per 100,000 residents, Ireland’s capital has half the tours on offer in Rome (5.87 per 100,000). Dublin also ranks fifth for landmarks (8.50 per 100,000), 41.2% fewer than Prague in first (14.46).

However, culture in Dublin is assured by sites like The Irish Emigration Museum and The Irish Whiskey Museum, contributing to 4.72 museums per 100,000 people.

"This is the third highest in Europe, and 31.5% more than those in Oslo (3.59 per 100,000), placing fourth in this factor.

Budapest comes at 7th

After a long day exploring the city, you can relax and unwind in the Széchenyi baths – one of 8.7 landmarks per 100,000 people in the city. There are more than 1,000 natural hot springs in Hungary, and this is the most famous, with 21 pools of different temperatures to choose from.

"Budapest scores an 8.49 out of 10 for the overall culture in the city, with 2.8 museums and 1.2 cultural tours available per 100,000 people.


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