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Balcony fell down in Budapest, one woman died

Balcony fell down in Budapest, one woman died

The victim was on the balcony when it fell. She died immediately.

A 53-year-old woman died in Budapest, on Váci Street, when the railing of a balcony fell down, and the woman fell from the third floor, writes The police are investigating the case.

The victim met the tenant of the apartment at a club. They left with their acquaintances and went to the apartment. The 28-year-old tenant said that

"the railing of the balcony was rotting."

The woman was on the balcony with an acquaintance, when she allegedly leaned against the railing. The other person tried to catch her but did not succeed. The tenant went down, tried to help the woman, but she could not be saved. The man held her hand until she passed away.

"Following the accident, it is now forbidden to use any of the balconies in the building."

Telex writes that the police are investigating the case. Following the accident, papers were put up in the stairwell to inform the inhabitants of the building about the new rule. Out of precaution, it is forbidden to use any of the balconies in the building. The police will examine all of the balconies.

Blikk writes that this was not the only case when someone died because of a deteriorated balcony. In December 2019, the huge stone balcony of a 125-year-old house on Baross Street fell down. The people fell from the first floor but were unharmed. Five years prior to that, the skull and spine of a woman had been broken when she fell from 10 metres, along with the stone balcony’s railing.

János Víg, an employee of the joint representative of the house, said that condominium law does not require regular inspections of the balconies, so this should only be done if the residents request it separately. There are many old buildings in Budapest that have stone balconies. These are very dangerous and cause accidents at any time.


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