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Airbnb to Support Tourism in Hungary with Five-Point Commitment

Airbnb to Support Tourism in Hungary with Five-Point Commitment

Airbnb has published its list of commitments to help revitalize tourism in Hungary. New accommodation providers would be required to register with the National Tourist Information Center (NTAK), and would also be involved in collecting tourism tax.

The five commitments are as follows:

*  In cooperation with the Hungarian Tourism Agency, promote a more even distribution of tourism in and around Budapest, so that the economic benefits  generated by tourism benefit a larger region and more people

*  Launch a Neighborhood Support Line for neighbors of accommodation providers to report noise and other nuisances directly to Airbnb

*  Mandatory registration with the National Tourist Information Center (NTAC) for new accommodation providers as part of their cooperation with the government.

*  Share regional data with Budapest and the government through the City Portal to support the economic impact of Airbnb in local communities;

*  Work with the capital to ensure that tourist tax is collected and transferred automatically through Airbnb. Pozsony (Bratislava) already collects tourism tax in this form, where city hall said it could bring in €600,000 a year for the city.

Accommodation providers will only be able to place a new advertisement if they provide the NTAK registration number or contact details, Vladimir Beroun, Airbnb’s Public Policy Manager for Central and Eastern Europe said.

He also added that they are committed to working with everyone within and beyond Budapest’s borders to provide access to all the information and tools they need to regulate the rental accommodation market and optimize the economic benefits it brings.


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